Repair Resources

Recycling isn’t the only way to keep material out of the landfill. The two most overlooked “R’s” for waste reduction are reduce and reuse, and they can be even more important tools than recycling. Why?

Many items can only be recycled a limited amount of times. Paper and cardboard, for example, can only be recycled 5-7 time before the fibers break down and become unusable. Plastic can only be recycled 2-3 times, though usually it is only recycled once before it must be landfilled. 
That means most material in recycling bins still ends up in the landfill, it just gets there a little more slowly than if it were thrown into a waste bin. Slowing down the time it takes for waste to go to the landfill still matters. It makes it possible to use landfill space most efficiently and extends the usable life of a landfill.

This is where “reducing” comes in. There are many ways to reduce material going to the landfill. The first is to be mindful that everything we purchase will end up in the landfill sooner or later. Reducing the amount of unnecessary items or items meant to be disposed of after only one use, we can reduce waste overall. We can also reduce items going to the landfill on any given day by repairing and reusing things we already own.

Some items aren’t good candidates for recycling because they are made of more than one type of material or from materials that are difficult to remanufacture like synthetic foam or rubber. These items can also be “slowed down” on their path to the landfill, though. Things like clothing, furniture, and electronic appliances can often be repaired and reused, doubling or even tripling their use life. In many cases, the repairs are simple and inexpensive.

Many tutorials exist online to teach you how to repair things you own. Simply searching for the name of the item and the word repair (“lamp repair”) can help locate useful resources. For repairs that are a little more complicated or time consuming, a number of repair services exist in the Quad Cities area that can help fix items. Using these services not only helps keep items out of the landfill longer, it also helps support skilled craftsman and our local economy.
A list of local repair services can be found below.

Washer/dryer and other large appliance repair

Darin's Appliance Services 

847 20th Avenue, Moline

(309) 762-1635

Gary Pond Appliance Repair

225 East 14th Street West, Milan

(309) 737-1664

Grant Appliance and TV

2222  East 53rd Street, Davenport

(563) 355-0219

Iowa-Illinois Appliance Repair

307 S Fairmount Street, Davenport

(563) 388-7680

Rays Appliance and Parts

1125 Blackhawk Road, Rock Island

(309) 786-0000

Sears Appliance Repair 

320 W Kimberly Road,

(563) 594-5394

TMI Total Maintenance Inc

1017 State Street, Bettendorf

(563) 799-8018 or         (563) 355-8686

Zeglins Home and TV Appliance 

4405 Avenue of the Cities, Moline

(309) 797-6258

Vacuum cleaner and small appliance repair

A&H Dynamics Vacuum Cleaners and Repairs

1768 44th Street, Rock Island

 (309) 794-0400

Quality Vacs

1908 Washington Street, Davenport

(563) 232-1518

Mobile phone and small electronics repair

Batteries Plus Bulbs 

1914 N Division Street, Davenport

(563) 223-3498

Fruit Fixer

2862 Devils Glen Road, Bettendorf

(563) 549-1000

QC Mobile Repair 

230 W 15th Street, Davenport

(563) 223-3498

Furniture Repair

Bix Furniture Strippers

1624 W 14th Street, Davenport

(563) 650-9168

Steve's Furniture Repair

520 20th Street, Rock Island

(309) 786-5868

Kistner's Full Claims Service Inc.

838 Middle Road, Bettendorf

(563) 355-1361

Michael's Refinishing and Furniture Repair

2965 15th Avenue, Rock Island

(309) 788-3065

Bicycle and fitness equipment repair

Bike and Hike Repair Shop 

3913 14th Avenue. Rock Island

(309) 788-2092

Healthy Habits

3651 Devils Glen Road, Bettendorf

(563) 332-5145

Jerry and Sparky's Bike Shop

1819 E Locust Street, Davenport

(563) 324-0272

Johnson Fitness and Wellness

2826 E. 53rd Street, Davenport

(563) 355-4700

Treadmill Heroes 

1800 15th Street, Moline

 (563) 723-3737

Clothing alteration and repair

Alterations and Beyond 

2002 46th Street, Rock Island

(309) 737-9634

Alterations by Crescent 

838 Middle Road, Bettendorf

(563) 355-1361

Jewelry repair

Doland Jewelers 

3865 Elmore Avenue, Davenport

(563) 326-1847

Expression Jewelers 

1913 E Locust Street, Davenport

(563) 326-1509